Haven Hospice Custead Care Center

Haven Hospice Custead Care Center

May 23, 2012, In Case Studies, Recent Posts, by admin


Orange Park, Florida


SantaFe HealthCare

Project Challenge:

Hospice care has to be the ultimate form of resident-centered care. When provided within the context of a care center, it typically involves an intense week or two-long experience for both residents and family. Historically, hospice environments have been modeled after a typical skilled nursing wing with an extra lounge space for family use. This provider felt there had to be a better way.

Design Solution:

This care center is divided into four distinct zones. An entry pavilion contains some administrative areas, counseling rooms, a chapel, and a strong visual connection to a landscaped courtyard framed by the structures. The main care center itself is divided into two distinct nine-bed neighborhoods organized around residential-scaled living rooms for family use which have a strong outdoor orientation. Finally, a service wing encloses the various back of the house components.

Special features such as larger resident rooms to accommodate families, private family bathrooms which support dignified extended stays, and a conscious effort to create a residentially-scaled household type environment should make this hospice a compelling alternative to the more institutional solutions the target market normally sees.

Carefully sited within a collection of mature Live Oaks, this unique structure creates a carefully crafted and peaceful environment for this most intense of human experiences.

Date of Completion:

August 2012


Senior Living - Hospice
New Construction
Budget - $6.2 million