Student Housing Trends

Building Systems: Rethinking the Rain Screen

March 11, 2013, In , , , , , , by Eric Harrmann

CCRC (Aberdeen Heights)

Applying traditional details to modern materials

As CCRCs incorporate new architectural materials, such as fiber cement panels to achieve a modern façade, operational building issues such as moisture infiltration become a more pressing concern. To maintain efficiency and functionality, manufacturers are starting to recommend the use of rain screen techniques in their installation manuals and typical details.

Rain screen systems, also referred...

Steve Ketterhagen Receives a 2012 Award for Excellence from Hunzinger

November 12, 2012, In , , , , , by Dave Trinkner

AG Architecture Student Housing Evans Scholar Award

Hunzinger Construction Company is committed to a high standard for quality craftsmanship. Through its  Total Quality Management program called Q3 (“Q cubed”), Hunzinger promotes the idea of “Do the right thing.” This program recognizes clients, subcontractors/suppliers and employees as the three critical elements that drive the success of all projects. Hunzinger celebrates these successes and key team members through an annual awards program.

AG’s Steve...

Steve Alexander Reflects on 20 Years of AG Service

August 1, 2012, In , , , by Steve Alexander

It strikes me that one thing a service-oriented company such as an architectural firm should have as part of their core business philosophy is a solid reputation for exceptional service.  It is expected that we should provide aesthetically pleasing designs and functional plans that meet the client’s unique program.  Likewise, we believe clients should expect and receive a high level of service and responsiveness.


Carroll University Expands its Student Housing Options

August 1, 2012, In , , , , , , , , by Dave Trinkner

AG Architecture Carroll College Phase 3 Exterior

AG Architecture is working with Carroll University and Clysmic Properties, LLC on Phase III of a student housing project.  This new building will add to the student housing options on campus and include a first floor retail component. Construction is anticipated to being in September 2012.

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Amenities Provide a Competitive Advantage and Enhance the Student Life Experience

August 1, 2012, In , , , , , by David Trinkner

Interested in trends in student housing?

This CNBC article touches on trends found in some newly developed projects at private west coast campuses and how competitive some of these universities have become in creating amenities to attract new students. While many of the amenities highlighted at these projects, such as a maid service, will likely not make it beyond these top-tier schools, other items such as LEED certification, improved common area spaces and options... Read more...