AG Team

Amber Bahr

Amber has been part of the AG team since 2005 and is known for the focused energy she brings to her project work. She looks forward to the beginning of a project when team dynamics are forming and creative collaborations are exploring new ideas. Amber is a take-charge team member who takes great ownership and pride in her work. She is thorough and can anticipate the next step in the process as she works through the “fog” to get to the heart of what needs to get done. As the mother of a toddler, she is constantly on the go and enjoying each new adventure he tackles and the laughter it creates. If there is a moment to spare, she loves to travel, read and spend time with friends. And if she were given the chance to choose an alternate career path, her love of dance would lead her to a ballet company.


University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Bachelor of Science, Architectural Studies
Certificate in Urban Planning

Signature Project:

First Federal Bank
Brookfield, WI