Steve Alexander Reflects on 20 Years of AG Service

August 1, 2012, In , , , by Steve Alexander

It strikes me that one thing a service-oriented company such as an architectural firm should have as part of their core business philosophy is a solid reputation for exceptional service.  It is expected that we should provide aesthetically pleasing designs and functional plans that meet the client’s unique program.  Likewise, we believe clients should expect and receive a high level of service and responsiveness.


Amenities Provide a Competitive Advantage and Enhance the Student Life Experience

August 1, 2012, In , , , , , by David Trinkner

Interested in trends in student housing?

This CNBC article touches on trends found in some newly developed projects at private west coast campuses and how competitive some of these universities have become in creating amenities to attract new students. While many of the amenities highlighted at these projects, such as a maid service, will likely not make it beyond these top-tier schools, other items such as LEED certification, improved common area spaces and options... Read more...

Don’t Take Water for Granted

July 31, 2012, In , by Tony Luciano

A mild winter followed by a hot and dry summer is causing many people to be considerate of water usage.  What steps do you take to conserve this resource at home or in your place of business?  Do you take it for granted that clean, safe, potable water comes out of the faucet every time it is turned on?

...

WhiteStone Honored with an Environments for Aging Citation of Merit

July 10, 2012, In , , , , , , , by Gene Guszkowski

AG Architecture WhiteStone Senior Living Entry

In the March 2012 Environments for Aging Annual Showcase Issue from the publishers of Long-Term Living and Healthcare Design, the WhiteStone-Linville Remodel was awarded a Citation of Merit by a jury of senior living design experts.

Congratulations to the AG Architecture team members as well as LCS Development, Spellman, Brady & Company, Faisant Associates, Inc., R.P. Murray and all those involved on this project.

To learn more about the team`s award-winning efforts visit