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Tech Talk: Considerations When Upgrading and Adding Foodservice Venues

August 28, 2017, In , , , , , by Tony Luciano


The restaurant business has seen dramatic shifts in expectations and culinary trends in recent years.  This evolution of mealtime has been felt in senior communities for several years now.  The quality of the dining experience is a differentiator to make a community stand out from the competition.  Good food is fundamental to success of a community.  Residents demand fresh, locally sourced ingredients, nutritious meals, and a variety of choices.  Many communities have outdated dining ven... Read more...

Tech Talk: It’s the season of Comfort and Joy!

December 5, 2016, In , , , , by Tony Luciano

13982957 - senior couple at home on the couch, playing with their adorable mixed breed dog.

What is more soothing than the soft, cuddly warmth of a dog or cat on your lap? How do you look at those eyes and not smile?

Tony’s Cat – Porter


For many of us, these animals are important and loved members of the family. For aging adults in all levels of senior living, that emotional connection is a significant factor in their health and well-being.  More and more care communities are recognizing this fact and incorporating or even promoting ... Read more...

Tech Talk: Embrace Code Changes…The Good, The Bad & The Expensive

October 5, 2016, In , , , , , by Tony Luciano

IECC Books2

I hate to say I told you so…but I did!  My February article about the spotty and slow adoption of the ICC’s 2015 suite of codes across the country warned of the increasing cost of compliance. Several projects underway are making those revelations very real for our clients. Contractors that rely on historical cost estimations may be putting themselves in danger. Architects are having to rethink some details, construction methods and material selections. Building construction isn’t re... Read more...

Tech Talk: It’s a New Year…or is it?!?

February 13, 2016, In , , , , , , by Tony Luciano

IECC Books2

Several weeks ago you flipped your hanging calendar to a new adorable cat picture, or maybe hotrods are your preference.  Either way, it is clearly 2016. For those who still write checks as payment, remember to write in 2016 on the date line.  In the building construction world, the changing of the year with respect to code compliance is not nearly so clear. Specifically, let’s consider the energy conservation code.  Does your state or city follow the latest most current model? The answe... Read more...

Tech Talk: Facility Maintenance – The Unsung Heroes of Your Community

July 24, 2015, In , , , , by Tony Luciano


Head of Facility Maintenance, Director of Plant Operations or Building Systems Manager—these titles are all fancy sounding names that don’t begin to describe the roles and duties of the people that take care of the special places that many people call home.  Office buildings may require a janitor.  Apartments may have a building super.  Across the spectrum of senior living options, the buildings and campuses require a much broader skill set by people who wear many hats and perform a wi... Read more...

Tech Talk: Keep Your Fitness Center Fit

December 1, 2014, In , , , , , , , , by Tony Luciano

AG Architecture Senior Living Interior Fitness Center

When it comes to wellness, today’s senior living communities are dealing with high expectations and competing with local health and fitness clubs. Residents want first class facilities, not just a basement room with an old treadmill or bike. What do your facilities say about your commitment to wellness? Is your fitness center keeping fit?


Is this what your fitness center looks like?


Check out your co...

Tech Talk: Lighting Solutions for Remodeling Challenges

October 6, 2014, In , , , , , , by Tony Luciano

2014-09-29 08.50.06

Consumer tastes and expectations for the quality and level of finishes in their homes have risen in recent years. These expectations are evident as potential residents evaluate their senior living options. As senior living communities strive to remain competitive in the marketplace, community leaders know that upgrades and building remodeling projects are necessary to attract new residents.

As architects and engineers, our challenge has always been to provide a residential environment ... Read more...

Advocacy in Action: Balcony Design – Safety First

October 5, 2014, In , , , , by admin

AG Architecture Exterior Balcony

When it comes to apartment style housing, whether senior living or multi-family, isn’t it nice to have a connection to the outdoors? There is something about having even the smallest space to call your own, an area where you can walk out to enjoy a breath of fresh air, plant a few flowers, or sit and sip a cup of coffee. As a resident, you simply assume this is a safe place to be and don’t think much about leaning against the railing or having a friend or two join yo... Read more...

Tech Talk: AG Engineering

June 20, 2014, In , , , , , , , by admin

AG Architecture Engineering Staff

Designing senior living communities is the core of AG Architecture’s business.  While the clients are sure to recognize the benefits of having a team of experienced architectural designers address their project needs, it is also important to know that AG offers more than just architectural services.  A well trained group of engineering professionals provides an additional level of expertise.  Whether working on senior living, adaptive re-use projects, or a mixed use or multi-family devel... Read more...

Tech Talk: Are you spending too much to stay warm?

December 13, 2013, In , , , , , by Tony Luciano

AG Architecture Senior Living Immanual Lutheran Fireplace Tech Talk

New technology helps communities balance resident comfort with energy conservation by delivering remote control convenience and energy usage data from resident room thermostats.

Many parts of the country have felt the early and harsh arrival of winter weather this year.  Hopefully all the preparations have been made for the change of season before the snow fell.  Outdoor furniture and yard... Read more...