At AG Architecture, we take pride in specializing in the design of innovative senior living environments. In doing so, we feel a tremendous responsibility to maintain our position as an industry leader. That kind of leadership has a wide variety of implications, but to us the most important is the notion of “thought leadership.” Our industry has a rich past, a vibrant present and an exciting future filled with endless possibilities. In that context, we are excited to have Andrew Alden join the AG Team as a Senior Associate and Senior Designer. He brings our firm his own very thoughtful, and very accomplished, achievements in terms of thought leadership within the senior living design space. As great as this is for AG, it will be of even greater value to our existing and future partnerships with the forward-thinking providers we serve.

Welcome Andrew! We greatly appreciate the depth you have already added to our design team and look forward to the contributions you will make to the future of senior living!

“Environments designed for an older adult population are complex and interesting. One place can function as a living environment, a work environment, a healing environment and a place that promotes play. (Live, Work, Heal, Play).” – Andrew Alden

A Few Facts About Andrew Alden

  • Andrew has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Allegheny College and a Master of Architecture from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Architecture & Urban Planning. We always love adding another UWM alum to the AG Team!
  • Andrew has had a passion for senior living since he was a child. Below his Philosophy on Aging directly from his Uncle George.
  • With over 20 years of experience, Andrew’s extensive resume includes a wide variety of award-winning senior-focused project work.
  • A strong believer in the value of linking research and practice, Andrew teaches, conducts post-occupancy evaluations, publishes articles and presents at conferences.
  • Andrew is future-focused and committed to improving the lives of our ever-growing senior population. He is an active member of several organizations, including the Society for the Advancement of Gerontological Environments (SAGE), American Society of Aging (ASA), Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA), and Gerontological Society of America (GSA)…to name a few.
  • Andrew has supported excellence in design as a member of the jury for Environments for Aging Magazine awards programs. He has served on the Environments for Aging Design Showcase jury thirteen times and on the Renovation Remodel jury ten times.
  • Andrew is involved with efforts to improve the lives of older adults in his local community—Shorewood, Wis. He founded and solely operates Shorewood’s ‘Home Sweet Home’ program. The goal is to help seniors stay in their home as long as possible. Andrew provides a free walk-through safety assessment of all living areas and a checklist and follow-up report that details what improvements can be made to help ensure a resident’s safety and comfort.

Learn more about Andrew 

Enjoy a few words from Andrew—Why he has a passion for senior living, his design philosophy…and one of his (sort of) famous architectural puns/dad jokes. 

Andrew’s Personal Design Philosophy

“When it comes to the design of care settings for older adults—I strive to collaboratively create care environments that allow residents to do for themselves for as long as possible, and when/if care is needed, it can be given and received with dignity.”  

Andrew’s Philosophy on Aging comes directly from his Uncle George. Uncle George would always talk about the following three things:

  1. Never stop learning something new every day. We live in a fascinating time and knowledge is right at our fingertips, take advantage of it!
  2. Protect your feet and keep moving!
  3. Brush and floss daily, your pearly whites will serve you well.

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