Environments for Aging – Citation of Merit Projects: Making a Mark in the Senior Living Industry (5 of 7)

2010 – Edgewater – Citation of Merit

The skilled nursing component of this CCRC in West Des Moines, Iowa addresses the growing trend toward shifting from provider-centered to resident-centered care. Special attention was given to providing efficient service to a larger population while maintaining a smaller-scale, residential environment.

AG Architecture Senior Living Edgewater Assisted Living Interior Image2

AG Architecture Edgewater Senior Living Resident Unit

In order to achieve this more intimate residential scale; four “service households,” serving 10-residents each were created. Each household has a distinct entrance and was designed with numerous common spaces to encourage interaction between staff and residents. Spaces such as a family room, great room, library, dining area, kitchen and sun porch provide residents the opportunity to move beyond the confines of their bedroom to experience a sense of community. Residents are free to travel from space to space with visual and physical access to outdoor views and controlled outdoor areas as well as ample natural light just as they would have in their own home.

While each household is designed to reflect a sense of autonomy, service areas are centralized to support staff efficiencies. The first level of efficiency is reached at the household level where two households share one food service pantry. Then, physical therapy, beauty/barber, a wellness center, spa and fully equipped kitchen facility are easily accessible by all four households without the need for disruptive traffic within the individual residential environments. The design supports resident self-determination and choice, creates a warm and inviting environment, and facilitates efficient service delivery.