It strikes me that one thing a service-oriented company such as an architectural firm should have as part of their core business philosophy is a solid reputation for exceptional service.  It is expected that we should provide aesthetically pleasing designs and functional plans that meet the client’s unique program.  Likewise, we believe clients should expect and receive a high level of service and responsiveness.

  • Service means being responsive to your client’s every need.
  • Service means checking your ego at the door.
  • Service is making each client feel as if they are your only client.

You can deliver on this expectation of service by having multiple members of your firm involved with a client project so that the client knows they can always get a hold of someone on the team.  Maintaining a consistent team of professionals on the project from beginning to end also instills confidence.  And finally, clients should feel confident that when they get in touch with someone, whatever their need is, it will be addressed immediately.

Service–it shouldn’t be such a difficult thing.  Over the last 20 years, we have grown our practice based on relationships.  Our service delivery is part of the reason clients value our team.  We are constantly learning and using technology to improve service delivery. Teaching our team the importance of quality service is how we continue to grow.

We look forward to serving our clients for the next 20 years…and beyond.