Universal Apartment Design: Promoting easy navigation and the intuitive exploration of your buildings

Apartment design provides the building blocks for the design process of multifamily and mixed-use developments. The design of each living unit and the configuration of those units influence the form a structure will take and the marketability of the development. With a highly desirable amenity offering in place, well-designed units play a key role in the final buying decision for the modern renter.

In this article, we explore first impressions, the impact of kitchen design, the size of the master suite, innovative storage solutions and other details that impact renter decision-making.

“A great unit design will make an apartment more than just a place to live, but rather a place to call home. The right design is what will separate the good from the bad in a soft market,” said Tony DeRosa, Vice President at Fiduciary Real Estate Development, Inc.


Download the full article to learn how apartment design plays a key role in rental decision-making.

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