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Happy Anniversary Gene! 50 Years

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25 Anniversary Pics_Gene_web

From print boy to Senior Principal – May 23rd was Gene’s official 50th anniversary with AG (and the generations of the firm preceding it). It that time he has worked with 403 employees and touched approximately 725 projects.

Congratulations Gene!


Here are a few fun facts about Gene:

• Favorite reliable toolWhat has supported your design process then and now? A roll of yellow ... Read more...

Meet the Team – 25th Anniversary Celebration

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25 Anniversary Pics_Gene_web

In 1992, a fledgling architectural firm first known as Aldrian Guszkowski was formed. After Chuck Aldrian’s retirement in 1998 and the firm’s move to the Village of Wauwatosa, it was re-branded AG Architecture, reflecting the names of Steve Alexander and Gene Guszkowski. But Gene and Steve first began working together in the 1960’s in an earlier generation of the firm, likewise John Cronin, Cindy Lofy and Tracey Schnick were part of the team prior to the 1992 start date.

So as we...

Home Sweet Home – The Essential Elements of Household Design

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Leaders in the senior living industry continue to look for ways to improve the lives of our ever-growing senior population. As these leaders focus on the future and take note of this specialized demographic, the approach to senior living design continues to evolve. Aspects of hospitality design are being applied in senior living communities in order to elevate the resident experience and infuse a vibrancy that supports an active lifestyle. And in skilled nursing, elements of residential desig... Read more...

The AG Way – Delivering Successful Project Solutions with Certainty & Predictability

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151016_hillcrest_001_web_CASE STUDY

The start of the design process brings great anticipation, innovative ideas and the latest trends—the energy and excitement of endless possibilities. Flashy presentations and cutting edge concepts are important for inspiration and taking your organization to the next level. However, beware that soon after this honeymoon stage of concepts emerges the reality of budgets, timelines, building consensus amongst stakeholders and other factors that establish the parameters of a project. Ideas and ... Read more...

Living Life to the Fullest – Wellness Centers with A Sense of Place

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When it comes to a mix of amenities at your senior living community, providers look to offer residents a variety of unique options that set them apart from the competition. However, there is one amenity that has been elevated over the years and continues to gain prominence on campuses. It is an amenity that cannot be overlooked, as market expectations demand it and potential residents see it as a symbol of an active lifestyle. Wellness centers at senior living communities are no longer a few ... Read more...

Maximizing Value: Centralizing Core Operations

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Bonita Springs Site Plan With Graphics

Intense programming to support efficient space planning has always been an integral part of the design process, but as providers look to elevate the senior living experience this critical step continues to receive more attention. This isn’t simply an issue of using space efficiently.  Team members now recognize the deep impact these decisions, choices made early in the design process, have on the bottom line and operational success of the organization.

“Senior Living is a high tou...

Maximizing Value: Advocating for the Client & Making Strategic Decisions

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Real Projects for Real People is a mantra for supporting the continued growth and redevelopment of senior living communities in the New Economy. We’ve talked about Micro-strategies for Creatively Repositioning Your Campus, The Successful Completion of Bite-Sized Projects, Common Spaces that Enhance a Sense of Community, and The New Definition of IL. Tackling and successfully completing these projects require more than a committed team. It requires the commitment of your architect t... Read more...

See you at LeadingAge Boston 2015!

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LA.Illinios.CMYK_formerly Life Services Network

AG Architecture is excited to be heading to Boston for the LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Expo November 1-4, 2015. As you explore the expo floor be sure to stop by Booth 1332 to meet the AG team, including our new Director of Client Relations – Jeff Hoffmann.

AG will also be participating in this year’s Speed Shop. Our team will share thoughts on Repositioning Your Campus: Improvements you can easily implement for $5 million or less

...

Real Projects for Real People: Commons Spaces Enhance a Sense of Community

December 1, 2014, In , , , , , , , by Gene Guszkowski

AG Architecture Senior Living Interior Gathering Space

When making the decision to live in a senior living community, one might assume that the rhythm of your regular life is gone forever. Your ability to gather with friends, dine when and where you like, socialize at your leisure, nurture your individual talents and interests, and keep physically fit are gone forever, right?

Not so!!

If the commons areas in your community thoughtfully combine the following components, your residents will continue to live their live... Read more...

Real Projects for Real People: The Successful Completion of Small-Bite Projects

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AG Architecture Congregational Home Multi Family Interior Kitchen

We have been talking a lot lately about micro-strategies to creatively reposition existing campuses. In our eNews articles as well as presentations at LeadingAge Illinois and an upcoming LeadingAge Annual Meeting & EXPO IGNITE session, we share our thoughts on tackling “small-bite” projects one, $5-10 million expenditure at a time.  We believe this is a viable alternative, a strategy that is the antithesis of New Greenfield “Big Gulp” projects. In order for existing communities t... Read more...