University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Bachelor of Science, Architectural Studies
Certificate in Urban Planning

What does “delivering certainty and predictability” mean to you?
AG has many years of experience building senior living communities throughout the nation. This experience allows our team to avoid mistakes in the field because we are already aware of many issues that might come up. We have designed, detailed and thought through numerous scenarios that could complicate construction. We set high expectations for the contractors we work with and guide the owner through the entire process with as much transparency as possible.

Did you know…
I love to travel to fun new places with my family and friends. I’ve been all over the U.S. and abroad to Italy and Ireland, which are both amazingly beautiful places. However, my favorite destination, and the place I’ve visited most often, is Las Vegas. My husband and I have been traveling there since we met in 2003. We were married there in 2009. We stay at a different hotel and try to see and do as many new things as possible each time we go. There are always new sights and adventures to experience.