In the spirit of knowledge sharing, AG has launched a new program – Wednesdays With Steve. We believe our long history and extensive experience allow our clients to reap the full benefits of our many lessons learned. There is no reason our employees can’t do the same, right? Wednesdays With Steve is an internal lunch and learn education series that celebrates and supports our multi-generational team.

The Teacher

Who better than Steve Alexander to serve as the “professor” of this AG educational program. Steve has been part of the AG Team for 50 years. In the late 1990’s he developed a schematic design process to benefit the client that came to be known as “The AG Way”. This allows AG to provide clients with realistic project costs much earlier in the process. It is one of the tools that allows AG to bring certainty and predictability to the construction process.

Wednesdays With Steve

The Topics

There is the knowledge acquired in school, then the reality of the real world of architecture combined with the specialized knowledge needed when working with a specific firm. The Wednesdays With Steve program allows the team to explore the unique AG methodology beyond the current workload as well as discuss code related topics, the how and why behind AG’s drawing set up, how to start a job and gather the right information, etc. Many of the meeting topics come direct from team members who can anonymously ask questions and suggest subject matter.

What the team thinks…

“I enjoy Wednesdays With Steve because it gives me and my colleagues a chance to speak with Steve all at once and really find out why AG runs the way it does,” says Mary Vandersteeg, a young professional on the AG team. “I also find it important for all new employees to get to know what it takes to design an AG project. I look forward to learning something new about architecture as well as the specific ways AG operates during these sessions.”

While it began as a program for our recent grads, it has become popular for all experience levels, and not just for the free lunch! It is a great way to bring our multiple generations together for knowledge sharing. Even with Steve’s pending retirement, we look forward to continuing the Wednesdays With Steve educational program.

Wednesdays With Steve