Boomers have a reputation for redefining pretty much everything, so it is no surprise that this influential demographic of approximately 74 million people have their sights set on defying the aging process. They have seen how their parents have done it, and they are determined to once again do things differently.

As an architecture firm with a focus in senior living, it is our responsibility to our clients to help them deliver building products that will be a success in their chosen market—mixed-use, multifamily and senior living environments that rise above the competition to be “the” place to live. The question everyone is asking right now is – What do Boomers want?

As Boomers transition from single-family homes, they know there are adjustments they need to make. And you can be sure there is a list of must-haves that impact their decision-making process. We want to uncover these must-haves. Through a series of surveys, we will explore the future of congregate living, and in particular the new definition of senior living, from building typologies and types of sites to amenities and healthcare services. We are looking for feedback to influence innovative design solutions that will respond to the expectations of Boomers in Transition.

Our first survey will focus on what we consider the building blocks of the design process – unit design. Why is this important? Because the design of each living unit and the configuration of those living units influence the form a structure will take and the success of the master plan. Communities will always offer a variety of square footage options with one, two or sometimes three-bedroom configurations. The question then becomes how to organize the space to best support living, dining, resting, entertaining and handling personal care in a way that is functional while enhancing quality of life. This first survey will explore Boomer expectations for unit design. What features are must-haves and what in-unit amenities will serve as differentiators in the market?

Whether you are a developer making decisions based on your market research, architects and designers working in this niche market, marketing specialists promoting these living environments or a potential resident, we want to know what you think. Let’s consider the new standard for living spaces occupied by transitioning Boomers and what makes these environments their future home sweet home.


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