AG Architecture is pleased to announce Daniel Fischer was selected by The Daily Reporter as a 2021 Rising Young Professional. Join us in congratulating him on this noteworthy accomplishment.

Born to Create
Danny has always been enamored with creating and building tangible objects. From Legos to woodworking and numerous projects in shop class, he has always been a hands-on creator. Friends and family often receive gifts, such as handmade jewelry boxes or even custom-made board games. Architecture seemed a natural fit, a career path that allowed him to create and bring objects—buildings—to life.

A Focused Path
His path to becoming an architect began at the UWM School of Architecture & Urban Planning, a school attended by many members of the AG Team. In fact, Danny has continued a special tradition at AG—only accomplished by a select few. He started as an intern in 2014 while completing his Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies. He was a driven and helpful intern who fit well with the AG Team and demonstrated great potential. Upon graduation, he was offered a full-time position. Founding Principal Gene Guszkowski and Chief Design Officer Eric Harrmann also began their roles in the firm as interns and are accomplished AG Team members with respected reputations in the industry.

Danny knew gaining practical experience was the right next step on his career path and would be extremely valuable before returning to school for his Masters. Always eager to learn, he embraced every aspect of the AG process.

“Danny is always willing and able to do what needs to get done to maintain the integrity of the project and satisfy the client. He strives for professionalism in all aspects of the work he does. He is eager to continue to learn and takes his job very seriously. We are so lucky to have him as part of our AG family.” —  Ann D’Acquisto, AIA, Team Lead & Senior Associate | AG Architecture

As Danny contemplated grad school, he wanted to balance work and school in order to learn and grow as much as possible. In 2017, he entered the Master of Architecture program at UWM while continuing to work at AG part-time.

A High Achiever
If that schedule wasn’t hectic enough, he also set another goal for himself—completing the rigorous Architect Registration Examination® process. He recognized the different mindset between work life and academia, so while he had transitioned back into a school study and testing frame of mind, he knew it was the best time to prepare and complete the six intense exams. Danny received his license in April 2019 and graduated with his Master of Architecture in May 2019 at the age of 24. This is a unique accomplishment that is almost unheard of. It was a personal goal he made for himself, and he takes great pride in accomplishing this professional milestone at such a young age.

A Valued Team Member
Danny returned to his full-time employment status at AG in May of 2019 and has since been taking on more project responsibility and gaining more leadership experience with clients. He has been involved on both the design and project management sides of the firm learning how the teams successfully transition concepts into detailed construction documents and properly handle construction administration.

“As Danny has gained more design and project management experience, he has developed a level of confidence that is benefiting both the team and his clients. He is able to create and work with a design intent that meets a client’s goals while also ensuring it can be efficiently constructed.” — Eric Harrmann, AIA, Chief Design Officer | AG Architecture

He has played a key role in exploring how successful suburban senior living models can translate into dynamic urban solutions. He was a key team member on the award-winning St. Rita Square on Milwaukee’s East Side and is immersed in the Vista West project in Madison. In addition to these and several other senior living projects, Danny also played a key role in the award-winning multifamily project Drexel Ridge.

“As an AG client, it is a pleasure working with Danny on our projects. He is a true client advocate, going above and beyond to service our project needs. He is professional and highly ethical. He takes great care to address code and life safety requirements with supreme integrity. Danny listens and really understands client goals so he can maintain the design intent while balancing budget and schedule considerations.” — Amy Schoenemann, AIA, Director of Real Estate Development | Capri Communities
In his spare time, he is still hands-on building things. He is looking forward to numerous renovation projects in his new condo as well as restoring a boat.

Danny’s drive and commitment to the profession is exemplary. His achievement of registration so early in his career is truly unprecedented, or few and far between. AG is excited to see what accomplishments are next on his list and is proud to have him as a team member. Danny is poised for a successful career ahead.