It is important to choose an architectural engineering firm to best suit your organization and project needs. Likewise, we do our best work when we collaborate with clients who have:

  • A passion and a vision for either the product, industry or service they provide
  • The ability to articulate their goals, visions and objectives
  • An interest in stretching the envelope, so far as to try to something that’s never been done before
  • Respect for the knowledge and relevant experience the design professional may bring to the project, but expect to engage in a healthy two-way dialogue in which both parties feel comfortable to challenge each other’s assumptions
  • The ability to make difficult decisions when necessary
  • Respect for the value of design services and are prepared to compensate them accordingly
  • Familiarity with both the realities and limitations of the development/construction industry and an understanding of the risks and consequences inherent in it

The best way to make sure we are the right fit is to connect with each other. Contact AG – we look forward to discussing your project objectives.