The roots of AG Architecture date back to 1961, and those deep roots are directly connected to the work and life of John Barron “Jack” Shepherd.

Jack’s notable success as an architect began to blossom with the creation of his firm in 1961. He and his associates focused on designing places where people live – innovative multifamily housing structures, skilled nursing environments and large scale planned unit developments. In 1969 these areas of expertise led to the design of a pioneering senior living community in the Milwaukee area. Success with this project served as a spring board to providing services for numerous multifamily and senior living communities throughout the United States. The strong and on-going relationships Jack forged with the local development community were legendary. His innate creativity combined with his unique approach to salesmanship and client engagement was his greatest gift.

Always sensitive to the delicate combination of efficient space use and drama, his ability to get the most “bang for your buck” was widely admired and respected. Local landmarks like Serafino Square illustrate the timeless elegance that thoughtful land planning can create, while San Camillo demonstrated his interest in making a bold statement when necessary.

Many high profile local architects began their careers working with Jack, although most would agree that it was often challenging to keep pace with the passion he had for his work. There was much to be learned from his relentless desire to get ‘the plan’ just right. Jack always nurtured a ‘family atmosphere’ in his firm rather than a corporate one. His generosity throughout the years, whether to the entire staff or on various occasions to certain individuals in need, was appreciated by all who worked with him during his six decades in the profession.

So now the roll of “yellow paper” lies still and the black marker is covered for good. But the passion for good design, out of the box ideas, striving to meet and exceed his clients’ needs lives on in the careers of those he nurtured through the years and those who have succeeded him in the never-ending quest to create great places to live, work and play.