When it comes to wellness, today’s senior living communities are dealing with high expectations and competing with local health and fitness clubs. Residents want first class facilities, not just a basement room with an old treadmill or bike. What do your facilities say about your commitment to wellness? Is your fitness center keeping fit?


Is this what your fitness center looks like?


Check out your competition…


Elevate the Experience

The space provided for fitness centers is expanding in all directions. More floor space for a variety of equipment, better circulation as well as increased ceiling heights provide ample room to be active and interactive. Whether using fitness equipment, participating in classes or engaging with technology supported activities; the volume of space is enhancing the overall experience.


Light & Bright

While older communities may have a small room designated for fitness tucked away on campus, the competition is relocating this wellness amenity to a more prominent position at the heart of the community. Design teams are planning this space with as much access to natural light as possible and even positioning equipment to take advantage of views of the surrounding landscape. Artificial lighting is being addressed to either complement the exposure to daylight or to transform darker spaces into well-lit vibrant areas that encourage activity.  Bright colors and patterns help wall and floor finishes jump out and ceiling treatments are becoming more playful to create a fun surrounding.


Proper Planning

No matter the square footage of the fitness center, proper planning is critical to the success of this amenity in order to maximize the size and efficiency of the space while creating a comfortable environment that residents look forward to returning to day after day.  Think about:

  • Location of floor electrical outlets for exercise equipment
  • Infotainment – TV/ Internet in the room and direct connections to exercise equipment
  • Wi-Fi Internet Coverage
  • Digital signage for class schedules, exercise and safety tips
  • Environmental temperature/airflow control systems
  • Mood music to get the body moving!


Have Fun & Get Fit

There are high expectations for today’s fitness centers and the return on that investment is an environment that is used regularly and on a daily basis. Make fitness fun for your residents. Provide a great space with equipment and activities that offer variety and encourage people to have fun while they get fit.