We want to take this opportunity to celebrate AG Second Quarter Anniversaries. Whether one year or 52 years, we thank you for your hard work and dedication to the AG Team!

You will see there are a number of team members who have been with us for the long haul, including our CEO–Gene Guszkowski who celebrated 52 years! He started as a print boy and now is an EFA Design Champion. This longevity, with team members like Gene, Ann, Bill, Umi, Cindy, Eric snd Maggie, who have grown with the firm, plays a key role in the family dynamic that is at the core of our corporate culture. These team members are one of the reasons the AG Way is so successful–the reason we have strong, long-term relationships and the ability to bring certainty and predictability to the construction process.

Join us in congratulating these hard-working professionals. Visit Our Team section to learn more about each team member and their thoughts on a sense of community, providing vision, building consensus and delivering certainty and predictability.

Erik Loven – 2 years
Ann D’Acquisto – 22 years
Bill Boehler – 11 years

Chris Doerner – 3 years
Justin Koeppler – 4 years
Jim Klett – 4 years
Maggie Iliff – 14 years
Benjamin Chung – 4 years
Umihana Sofic – 26 years
Eric Harrmann – 14 years
Gene Guszkowski – 52 years

Megan Scott – 4 years
Mary Vandersteeg – 2 years
Cindy Lofy – 35 years
Lance Ultsch – 1 year