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Finding the Way:
Promoting easy navigation and the intuitive exploration of your buildings

When people are able to navigate your community with ease—without feeling lost or asking for directions—you know you have good wayfinding. While many people look for signage to offer guidance, there are also several types of environmental cues that provide clear communication and intuitive wayfinding.


Boomers in Transition:
What’s Next in Unit Design?

When it comes to living in style, it is all about amenities. From a variety of dining venues to outdoor spaces and a diverse program offering, what is important to you? What amenities do you want available in your communal setting in order to maintain an active lifestyle?


Universal Apartment Design:
Apartment design plays a key role in rental decision-making

Apartment design provides the building blocks for the design process of multifamily and mixed-use developments. The design of each living unit and the configuration of those units influence the form a structure will take and the marketability of the development. With a highly desirable amenity offering in place, well-designed units play a key role in the final buying decision for the modern renter.

Embrace Aging:
Providers and designers pave the way for a positive outlook on aging

Aging is inevitable and natural, yet people tend to fear it. There is a fear of losing mobility, cognition and independence. It is only more recently that American society has started to place an emphasis on accepting the aging process and embracing it. There are opportunities to supplement changing abilities in ways that help maintain typical routines and support living independently. Forward-thinking leadership combined with thoughtful design solutions can change perceptions and pave the way for a positive outlook on aging.

Developments with a Sense of Place:
Exploring Mixed Use Complexes & Pocket Neighborhoods

Today’s seniors have a desire to age differently and are evaluating housing options with a new set of criteria. Providers, developers and designers understand these changing expectations and are exploring unique housing alternatives to redefine senior living—marketable options to entice a younger senior demographic. These active adults are looking for an environment that offers camaraderie and purpose as well as a variety of amenities. They don’t want to be defined by their age; they are looking for a lifestyle and sense of community.

Revival of the Urban Neighborhood:
Engaging living environments with amped up amenities and connectivity

From local newsworthy projects to national industry coverage, one thing is clear—successful multifamily and mixed-use developments are creating a distinct sense of place to enhance and revitalize communities. Apartment complexes, whether in the heart of the city or active suburban communities, are being designed to enhance connectivity with the surrounding neighborhood through unit plans and amenities that attract Millennials, boomers and everyone in between.

Designing Communities 
for Real Connections

In today’s tech-obsessed world, there is a sense that we are deeply connected with a global community 24/7. While we can watch the world like a spectator and feel in the know—depression, anxiety and loneliness seem to be at an all-time high. This is especially true for older adults. Your community can be a solution to this problem, but is it?  Learn how the physical environment supports an engaging, relationship-based culture.

The Casetta: 
A Cohousing Inspired Senior Living Cottage

As Boomers transition into retirement and contemplate how to maintain a vibrant active lifestyle, evaluating housing options becomes part of the discussion. There is a greater desire to age in place, which challenges developers and senior living providers to offer an enticing alternative that is attractive to this market.