AG welcomes Michael Johnston, Josh Levin and Jonathan Spielmann. We are excited to have these hard-working and enthusiastic professionals join the AG Team and would like to take this opportunity to officially introduce them.


AG Welcomes Michael Johnston

Michael Johnston
AG is pleased to have Michael join the AG Engineering Team. “Michael is exactly the kind of student intern that will ultimately become a good employee (hopefully at AG),” says Tony Luciano, principal and director of engineering services. “He is inquisitive and bright and has a willingness to jump into any discipline and learn. Today he is working on plumbing drawings, while yesterday he performed HVAC calculations. The Engineering Department is thankful to have another helpful team member.”


AG Welcomes Josh Levin

Josh Levin
AG welcomes Josh as the newest member of the AG Design Team. He is a 2016 graduate of The School of Architecture at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and began his architectural career at firms in the Illinois market. He is a talented young professional that Principal John Cronin describes as artistic, enthusiastic, hard-working, energetic, motivated, dependable and responsible. In addition to his work supporting the AG Design Team, his photography and videography skills will be an asset to the firm.


AG Welcomes Jonathan Spielmann

Jonathan Spielmann
Jonathan is a welcomed addition to a new role at AG Architecture – Administrative Production Assistant. Senior Associate and Team Lead Andy Korb describes Jonathan as enthusiastic and hard-working. “He has excellent organizational skills and has already contributed to improving project accuracy and documentation. Jonathan enjoys digging into the details and is a strong problem solver.” His project coordination, store management and customer service experience will serve him well in this new role and support AG’s reputation for delivering certainty and predictability in the building process.


Welcome Michael, Josh and Jonathan!

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